Saturday, December 22, 2007


aaah...m bak in pune...a place where i can safely say that i have time on me hands...n now that i do, i feel like wringin its bloody neck!!where was all this time when i needed it the most(referrin to the compres of course)..bak in colg i wud try to calm down by tellin myself--hey ive still got a day, the friggin wrld rotates once in that period so wats this stupid syllabus!!...

wid so much time waitin to be wasted one can just sit n wonder(fr those of u hu r new to wat i wonder....i sympathize wid u!)...

issue-1----why do sky divers wear helmets???!!!!!
i mean y??!!do they think that may be theres a chance of survivin after all!..

issue-2----how do these south indians speak so fast!!?
sumtime bak i was sittin next to this guy hu exhausted the entire kannad dictionary, in abt 5 mins, on the phone!!GOD HE WAS TALKIN!!! after sumtime the guy started talkin to me n durin our conversation he happened to ask me----"was he training in blore??"(i had just come bak from ma trip to blore to ma bros place) confusion i responded sayin--no he wrks there!!...the guy asked me the same ques again, only that this time he was louder n more animated..i didnt know how to reply to his query so i asked him wat training he was talkin abt...well the guy continued to ask me the ques over n over again...after abt 3-4 mins i understood his ques...the guy wanted to know--if it was raining in blore!!!sheesh....

issue-3(ma fav)--what does cupid do during rainy season??!!
its not just the possible explicit sightings but also the painful thunderstorms which might be a cause fr concern!!

issue-4---was woman(m talkin abt the all girly girly kind) brain a mistake of god or does he not exist??!!!
i guess this one wud remain unanswered!

issue-5---how do ppl reach the end of ma post!!
human will power continues to amaze me!!;)

to end this post id say when u r bored makin limericks can be fun...its just a form of poetry wid an AABBA rime scheme...heres an illustration

There once was a cretin named Jack
Whose buttcrack ran right up his back.
Said he with a leer,
"Toilet paper, my dear?
I use a whole roll at one whack."

ok may be i shud give a proper one too...

He clasps the crags with his crooked bird hands
On echoing cliffs he motionless stands
The distant sea crawls
He folds his wings, falls,
And like a thundermug he lands.
~Alfred "The Lord" Tennyson


Sunday, May 27, 2007

in murphy we trust


well.. ive been learnin drivin... so ma dads driver cms every morn at 6 n we go drivin... and today ma dad had a chhutti.. so after he was done wid watevr official stuff (yes on a sunday too!) we went drivin..

so this guy makes me drive in top gear on a 4 lane road with trucks n cars whistling in ur ears as they pass u by.. he makes me drive on a flyover which leads to this busy unplanned market road which abounds in unruly pedestrians, stubbornly parked cars n cows wid deceptive coordinates.. i come out unscathed (n d car unscratched).. then i get to drive on the ridge road in vasant kunj, where ek taraf u got a khai n doosri taraf (since the road's pretty narrow) u got a car so close ud think the driver wants 2 shake hands thru the window..

so well ya i have no problems drivin thru all these places, avoidin backin cars and scooters so adamant to cross the road/take a turn they pay no heed to my horn screamin its lungs out.. no problems execuing U-turns at oddest of places...and then i decide to get back home.. no probs there either... and then i reach the main gate of the colony and smash!!!!!! white car into the black gate... left side ka indicator had a lucky escape... the cars all swollen (?!?) on the left side jus before the door...


well, jus wen u think u got it all rite, murphy strikes... in the form of cundie dundie in pune and the black maingate in delhi...

bai bai fr now...

sirtifyd jeenius 1

Saturday, May 26, 2007

uncle cundie dundie


yo..this post is dedicated to my beshhht friend uncle cundie dundie...
buses were first started during the time of hitler,some army dude i guess(one of ma janitor fans hu came sumwhere close to the goal;))...ahem...buses are still used n the conditions inside are still the same...u sit in one ud think u r goin for a war...

ya so i happen to be this handsome, one of a kind, genius kid(yes u can stop laughing now) who was comin bak from his first day at practice a seat was available so i had to after some time dear uncle cundie dundie showed up n started yellin at me in marathi, a language that i m highly proficient at...this isnt very uncommon wid ppl in pune , a city where every1 njois a loud scream...but i m this guy who simply cannot take ne1 screamin at him(n am also jinxed to have a fight every time i move to a new place)...ya so the guy was screamin at me n shaking his hand sorta directin me to move i complied...but the more i went ahead the louder the cundie got...after abt 2-3 mins i gave up n stopped lukin at him but that didnt stop this guy standin nxt to me told me that he was sarcastically tellin me to move fwd n block the way completely...oooooooh the cundie sarcasm, i shud hv soon as i turned bak the guy started duin wat hes best at...but this time i recalled the best line made in marathi...MALA MARATHI NAHI YETE...means i dont understand wtf u r sayin n dont give a shit too...well that wrked with my witty friend...

so uncle cundie hus got a dundy...u can guess where hes got that...was just tryin to make the journey easier for the ppl travellin in it...n while at it he was just xcercisin his vocal chords!!

sirtifyd jeenius 2

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Deep" Thoughts

well i m stuck in pune where i dont know many ppl n after wrestlin with the television remote, n gettin affected by the cheesy comedy/romantic n other similar radiations, for two days i think its time to start bloggin again!!!also that my janitor fans really wanted me to write again...well they say they needed to do sumthin in the break they take from the time they plot to take over the world...

ahem...fellow humans n surdy(stop yawnin uve got all the way till kalyan to sleep!!)i wanted to tell ya that this blog is gonna be a lil bit bumpy so wake up coz here we r gonna discuss strategic subjects like history, fillosofy, art, events n why freddie mercury turned transvestite...

other important n upcomin issues which go hand in hand like--why girls adjust their hair 90% of the times n how to catch squirrels with innovative traps will also be dealt with in detail...since the eng lingo hasnt already got nuf wrds we gonna call a study of such topics(together)--freakonomics!!

historical events which have provoked new thoughts will also be addressed such as-- 8th feb 2006, abhi cracked a good joke(!?!?!?) but only after clumsily droppin a mug fullov water on desas lappy...according to our sources he was tryin to get varun i m sry for the cheap shot but i guess this is gonna be ur only souce of entertainment for the next 50 days that u r gonna spend in the middle of a desert...not to mention the copper ull be minin!!...

it was important to caution u guys against wats gonna pop up next so had to post this...i shall start with the topics from ma next post...chow for now i gtg n tell those kids that this is not the age ta get jiggy...n if ne1 tells ya i m lazy give him a slap from ma side!!

sirtifyd jeenius 2

the beginning...

well... finally this link has something worthwhile (?!?!) on it... to start off, id like to introduce ourselves, the sirtifyd jeeniuses... well.. its pranshu n gurdeep... prawns n guru here, ready to infiltrate into ur minds and fool around with the neuronal wirings in there, and fitting in our own self-diffusable fuses of earth-wobbling and brain-squeezing theories replete with combinational words that u read here first in really really long sentences with 3 dots as the only punctuation most of the time, maybe even commas sometimes as seen here.

in case ur thinking "whaat deed yoo say?"

go back and read the longish sentence again.

haan... so... well.. this blog is a side effect of the drug given for immediate relief from boredom, ie internet access (the drug)... well.. summer hols have begun... and so we're just 2 lost souls swimming in well, 2 different fish bowls, me in delhi and gurubhai in pune... and so somehow we came up with this weirdly fun idea of a common blog (this is my second common blog... first one was well, too boring)

haan so.. well as you can see, this page showed no posts for about 3 days since it came into existence, mainly owing to gurus laziness... so well.. yeah.. there u go.. me done with the introduction..

so ppl.. fasten ur seat belts and take a deep breath (one o ur last uns if ur visitin this page again)... this is just the beginning.. we'll be back soon.. whenever guru decides to wake up...

bbye fr now!

sirtifyd jeenious no 1.