Saturday, December 22, 2007


aaah...m bak in pune...a place where i can safely say that i have time on me hands...n now that i do, i feel like wringin its bloody neck!!where was all this time when i needed it the most(referrin to the compres of course)..bak in colg i wud try to calm down by tellin myself--hey ive still got a day, the friggin wrld rotates once in that period so wats this stupid syllabus!!...

wid so much time waitin to be wasted one can just sit n wonder(fr those of u hu r new to wat i wonder....i sympathize wid u!)...

issue-1----why do sky divers wear helmets???!!!!!
i mean y??!!do they think that may be theres a chance of survivin after all!..

issue-2----how do these south indians speak so fast!!?
sumtime bak i was sittin next to this guy hu exhausted the entire kannad dictionary, in abt 5 mins, on the phone!!GOD HE WAS TALKIN!!! after sumtime the guy started talkin to me n durin our conversation he happened to ask me----"was he training in blore??"(i had just come bak from ma trip to blore to ma bros place) confusion i responded sayin--no he wrks there!!...the guy asked me the same ques again, only that this time he was louder n more animated..i didnt know how to reply to his query so i asked him wat training he was talkin abt...well the guy continued to ask me the ques over n over again...after abt 3-4 mins i understood his ques...the guy wanted to know--if it was raining in blore!!!sheesh....

issue-3(ma fav)--what does cupid do during rainy season??!!
its not just the possible explicit sightings but also the painful thunderstorms which might be a cause fr concern!!

issue-4---was woman(m talkin abt the all girly girly kind) brain a mistake of god or does he not exist??!!!
i guess this one wud remain unanswered!

issue-5---how do ppl reach the end of ma post!!
human will power continues to amaze me!!;)

to end this post id say when u r bored makin limericks can be fun...its just a form of poetry wid an AABBA rime scheme...heres an illustration

There once was a cretin named Jack
Whose buttcrack ran right up his back.
Said he with a leer,
"Toilet paper, my dear?
I use a whole roll at one whack."

ok may be i shud give a proper one too...

He clasps the crags with his crooked bird hands
On echoing cliffs he motionless stands
The distant sea crawls
He folds his wings, falls,
And like a thundermug he lands.
~Alfred "The Lord" Tennyson



Full Of Life said...

hahahha...oved the buttcrack waala limerick. And yea..wer was all this time when we needed it ?!!
Lol..raining in b'lore..awesome..hehehehe

Vidya said...

lol.. niceee.. i was laughin all thru (actually laughin)hmm prolly cuz early in d mornin all things seem funny 2 me.. hey do i speak that fast? :P

me, as i am said...

:D :') ur learning from me... aur haan.. i forgot the username.. remember the password but forgot the username!!! :(... scrap kar dena... hell ill jus send u ze same scrap also...

sirtifyd jeeniuses said...

@full--m glad u liked it! :)
@vidya--no....(ur style)hehe
@prawns---u wish!


kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

is this shabya ?

sirtifyd jeeniuses said...

nope!...who r u?!

Chaitanya Chintaluri said...

issue 1. hahahahah

christina said...