Sunday, November 9, 2008

numero uno's back!

Been a long long time since I posted stuff up here. IM BACK.... muhuhahahahah (evil chuckle followed by baring of fangs)

There'd be lotsa genius philosophy splashed all over this page now from our Goa Headqtrs. Phoren Correspondent had changed the password you see :P

Anyways, so here eet eej. Aaj ki taaza khabar:

1. Sirtifyd Jeenious number 2 is getting a saxie bike. An increse in the sale of zebra-tart and chocolate-muffins and other monginis perishables/goods in the months of January expected. A prominent decrease in the weight of Guru's wallet is predicted, owing to the trickle down effect of the bike-buying.

2. Yesterday we had confirmed reports of effigy burning and slogan shouting happening outside the gates of BITS, Pilani - Goa Campus regarding some 'Human Rights issue' as alleged by the NGO involved in the stone-throwing mode of fighting for human rights. Details Awaited.

3. ID numbers have been changed to 12-digit ones now, that is from 200xPyPSzzz to 200xAyPSzzzG, and 200xSyPSzzz to 200xByPSzzzG for Goa Campus. This change has led to a new development in the field of google-talk status messages. Statistics tell us that about 43.57% of the people on an average gtalk-list have messages relating to this change. This change has also invoked mixed reactions from the public.

Those were the top stories from Goa HQ. Back to our Phoren Correspondent, who right now is at Tata Motors, Pune, allegedly doing some 'work'.

SJ numba 1.

Comprehending Reality...

since ive already written a lotta serious posts, heres one thats on the lighter side...

it is an intellectual fallacy to believe that knowledge is gained by experience. infact there is really no substitute for a superior imagination. the predicament with imagination is that the word has lost its meaning and has become synonymous with neverneverland. a good imagination does not mean you should be able to concoct a world like potters, what it really means is that you should be able to manipulate(in ur mind) your surroundings in a way that is/may be possible.

empiricism only puts a barrier to the working of your mind. for instance, while playing chess i cant say if a certain move of mine would evoke a certain response which i want to avoid. and i definitely cant try it out, on the basis of chance, just to experience what my opponent does. the problems only get bigger when we move from the chess board to the planet. basically, if i havent experienced a situation before, reasoning takes priority.

humans are designed to reason but it is also quite easy to develop and maintain an erroneous perception. when somebody shares a profound theory we tend to agree with the person(a good reason for people remembering so many quotes by eminent people). its not true just because someone else is saying it!the craving to think 'out of the box' has left people not thinking at all...for u dont need to think out of the box, u just need to think!!!!....the concept of pragmatism is also quite absurd. how are we to know what knowledge would be of what use at what time....complex nos which were supposed to be useless at their initial stages provide beautiful solutions to a range of problems.

to finish this post all i have to ask u is-- are u one of those who believe that what u r is decided by what uve experienced?moulded by ur surroundings?the effect of a sequence of events...the whole cause and effect in my life BS?....because as far as i can remember we have changed our surroundings to what we desired...dont be the effect, be the cause...dont try thinking different---think!


PS-harry was just hallucinating, but hes ok now!!!! :P

Sunday, October 5, 2008


its been long since ive posted nethin here!...guess i had stuff to do..but now m bored of clickin, double clickin n pretendin that its crashed so i should move back to typing like i have opposable thumbs but no friggin fingers!!!