Sunday, November 9, 2008

numero uno's back!

Been a long long time since I posted stuff up here. IM BACK.... muhuhahahahah (evil chuckle followed by baring of fangs)

There'd be lotsa genius philosophy splashed all over this page now from our Goa Headqtrs. Phoren Correspondent had changed the password you see :P

Anyways, so here eet eej. Aaj ki taaza khabar:

1. Sirtifyd Jeenious number 2 is getting a saxie bike. An increse in the sale of zebra-tart and chocolate-muffins and other monginis perishables/goods in the months of January expected. A prominent decrease in the weight of Guru's wallet is predicted, owing to the trickle down effect of the bike-buying.

2. Yesterday we had confirmed reports of effigy burning and slogan shouting happening outside the gates of BITS, Pilani - Goa Campus regarding some 'Human Rights issue' as alleged by the NGO involved in the stone-throwing mode of fighting for human rights. Details Awaited.

3. ID numbers have been changed to 12-digit ones now, that is from 200xPyPSzzz to 200xAyPSzzzG, and 200xSyPSzzz to 200xByPSzzzG for Goa Campus. This change has led to a new development in the field of google-talk status messages. Statistics tell us that about 43.57% of the people on an average gtalk-list have messages relating to this change. This change has also invoked mixed reactions from the public.

Those were the top stories from Goa HQ. Back to our Phoren Correspondent, who right now is at Tata Motors, Pune, allegedly doing some 'work'.

SJ numba 1.


xenon said...

Hmm..interesting post..and yeah I know this's wallet is gonna spend some empty time out there..good for him actually..empty wallet means light means his shorts wont come down and he can walk normally and not as if he shat in his shorts... :)

Angad said...

are you recruiting?

Prashant said...

Lol...sirtifyd Jeenius support of my arguement that popats can't spell :P ..
and the IDs sound totally
I say burn raman's remaining hair off..tht sly oaf is trying to make goa campus a pilani campus wannabe..we shud borrow an effigy or two from the human rights people.
on a lighter note..taking guru's notes away to make his wallet(the gults still call it a 'purse' :D) lighter sounds like a PeeLAN!!
and that was a PeeJay!
and Pinku!! good one abt guru's shorts :)

and guru - :P

me, as i am said...

lol... @ gill.. well theres place for just 2 sirtifyd jeeniuses...but u can be a special correspondent :P though if say we have a vacancy i shall let u knw.


(ps. bribe me nad i ll make a vacancy. teehee :P )

Rohit said...

hmm, guru, 'jhenon' has a point about your chaddies ;-) maybe on your next birthday I'll gift you a belt? :-P

chal bro, waiting to do tp with u back in campus. 40 days or so left :-)

Abhishek Kumar said...

LOL... sirtifyd jeenius huh.. get sodhi in, and you'll have a surdified Jeenius [:D] But im guessing Gill is contending for that.. I'm telling you, its better than a "Special correspondent"

btw I heard the strike is in the papers today...

ratpik said...

@the effigy burning...
-I saw it on TV too.Its basically an aspiring political activist trying to make an issue out of a non-existent case...but this case has been responsible for everything that's happening to DC on campus.

@the new id nos
-This initiative is from people not a part of the names mentioned in the comments above but belonging to the same fraternity...and Change is good..even our Hutch dog(No Pun) has changed.the one in the adds is a replacement for the older one who died..

Anonymous said...

eet eej

keep posting

sirtifyd jeeniuses said...


(reads the comments again)

(thinks some more...)

"i dont get it!!...y is the sale of zebra tarts gonna increase?!"

NAL'I'n'I' said...

hey its been a long time since u jeeniuses posted... dont tell me u 2 r so busy...esp SJ no. 2...wth r u upto dude? come up with something...

btw loved this one...funny...and ya sam will tell u his sale of chocs has dipped coz of my absence